3. baking


Introduction to baking:


  • Here at Big Spoon we have four of our favorite cookies we use for ice cream sandwiches!  
    • Classic chocolate chip cookies
    • Thin dark chocolate cake cookies
    • Crispy thin honey graham cookies
    • Chewy sugar cookies.
  • Typically we pair our fruity ice creams with the graham cookies or sugar cookies. Our more chocolatey flavors get paired with the thin chocolate cake cookies. Our classic ice cream sandwich is a vanilla bean ice cream with our chocolate chip cookies.


Baking for mix in's:

We have wide variety of homemade mix-ins. We really shine when it comes to mix-ins! They’re the best part! Our baking department will produce all of our cookies and mix-ins. We have too many to list but here are some of the staples: chocolate cookie crumble, peanut caramel, almond toffee, fruit jams, malted fudge, chocolate flakes, cookie dough, brownie bits, cherries, etc. We love to get creative with our flavors and mix-ins.



Sauces/Toppings: Salted caramel, malted fudge, pineapple passion fruit compote, macerated berries, amarena cherries, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate crumble, brownie bits, sprinkles, coffee whip cream, cream cheese whip cream, vanilla bean whip cream, caramel glass, candied hazelnuts, graham crumble. These are all our finishing sauces/toppings that the FOH will use to build a sundae or just add on a scoop for a customer.