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As we've mentioned in the previous sections, putting People First is our #1 value. That is why we stress giving our customers excellent service. We are here to serve our customers -- To go above and beyond and to give them the best ice cream product + experience.


Tips for giving customers a great experience:

  1. Anticipate customer's needs. Think about if you were in their shoes and how you would want to be treated. Is there a mom with lots of kids and her hands are full? Offer to carry something to her car! Do you see an elderly man searching for the trashcan? (True story) Offer to take his trash! It's important to always anticipate needs and go above and beyond to serve them. Is a little girl upset because she dropped her cone? Offer the family a free new scoop!
  2. Be aware of the customer's body language and attitude. Do they seem tense? Stressed? Or just plain excited to be here? Be aware that not all customers may be having a great day and engage with them to help lift their spirits! Ask them how they are doing. Are they doing well? Celebrate with them! Are they having a bad day? Empathize with them, encourage them and find a way to make their day better! (The whole ice cream part really helps.)


These are just a few tips that can apply to any situation. Pay attention to how your shift leaders engage with customers as well and take notes!

Bottom line, if you do your best to put people first and authentically care about the customers, they will feel it and appreciate your effort!