Dish pit

Washing dishes in a commerical kitchen is a bit different than at home. You will want to move quickly and have a sense of urgency.

It is most efficient if you wash dishes in groups and move the group through each station. For example: instead of washing the spatula and then rinisng the spatula, and then sanitizing it. You would wash the spatula plus the ten other dishes, then rinse them all together, and the sanitizer them all together. This will save lots of time and make the task easier. Dishes must stay in the sanitizer for at least one minute. After that they should be placed on the dry rack to dry and then organized. Always begin your shift by starting with a clean drying rack, with everything organized and washed.

  • You will need to be sure each sink is clean before filling them with water. Once the sinks are clean, go ahead and turn the handle at the bottom to the left to stop the drain. Next, you will see a soap dispenser at the top right of the sink. You will push the first button down and that will run soapy water into the first sink. Fill halfway and then fill the third sink with the sanitizer, which is the other button on the right. The middle sink will be for rinsing.

  • Drying dishes: As the dishes are coming out of the sanitizer water, you will need to place them in a way that they will dry correctly and efficiently. For example: a bowl should be placed upside down, same with cups. Once they are dried, now it is time to organize them by placing them with the other like items.

  • White tubs and 20 quart containers get stacked on the top shelf, large pots will get hung on the pot rack above the base station, ice paddles will go back into the freezer, spatulas and whisks will be hung up by base station, and utensils will be sorted in the plastic bins.