Answering phone calls


When working in Front of the House, especially while you're working at the register, you will be expected to answer phone calls, but don't be intimidated! Below we've given you all the information you'll need to navigate the conversation successfully!

Note: It's also important to remember while talking to guests on the phone that they are still guests and we want to put them first and give them a great experience. Greet them warmly and thank them for calling! Just because they are not physically in our shop, we want them to have a great guest experience wherever they are.



Do we take orders over the phone?

  • If a customer is wanting to order a small, personal amount of ice cream scoops, sammies, or anything from our menu, simply encourage them that although we cannot take orders ahead of time over the phone, we would be glad to serve them as quickly as possible if they come to the shop.


  • A lot of customers call asking for directions because their GPS mislead them or they are lost. Under the register is a guide with some helpful direction information. In these cases, just do your best. The guest is already lost and confused so just try to help guide them best you can.


  • Many customers call asking about catering! All you will need to do is direct them towards our website! Let them know we have a catering form and information there. All they have to do is submit the form and we’ll be in touch with them as soon as possible!



  • People often call asking to speak with a manager or owner (usually wanting to sell a product.) Every time one of these cases arise, tell them that the owner is unavailable or non-present. Let them know that you can take a message for them!

  • Under the register you will find notes for you to handwrite any written messages. Make sure you write down their name, number, and general message they wanted to get across.

NOTE: Never give Ryan, Geri-Martha or any employees personal phone number to a guest over the phone. Direct them to their email or take a written message with contact information.