Cleaning checklist expectations


As we have mentioned, being committed to excellence is one of our core values. One of the ways we provide an excellent experience is by providing a clean environment.

In this section we will walk you through how to navigate opening shifts, midday shifts, and closing shift duties.




Opening the shop in the morning is very important time of day. If you open well, you're setting up your team for success. However, if you do not work hard, you're going to be frantic all day trying to catch up.

Your end goal is to be prepped, clean and tidy for guests when they begin arriving (we open at 12:00pm).

Here is how it goes:

When you arrive, you will assess everything that was closed before. This is good to know at the start of your shift in case anything out of the ordinary needs to get fixed or addressed.

Once you do that, you'll open up the "OPENING DUTIES" checklist and begin cleaning, restocking, and setting up.

Example of cleaning checklist below:



While we only have morning shift team members and night shift team members, there is a midday that is a little bit of a grey area. Midday cleaning duties will happen between 3:00pm and 5:00pm.

This is the time when morning and night shifts are transitioning.

The midday shift duties cleaning list was written as a guide to help everyone "reset" the shop for the night crew essentially. 

Half is for the day time shift members and half is for the night time shift members.

When you are ending your morning shift or starting a night shift, open the "MIDDAY DUTIES" list in notes and begin!

It's always good to check in with your shift leader as well to learn what are the priorities on that list.

Example of cleaning checklist below:



-closing duties-

It is vital to close correctly and with excellent standards in order to set up your team successfully for the next day. Your shift leader will delegate the closing tasks to each team member, but everyone should work together until all duties are finished. 

(You will also all leave at the same time. Do not leave until your shift leader has checked everything and given you permission to walk out together.)


Example of cleaning checklist below: