Scooping, products and sizing!

It's time for a little product zone!

Here we'll walk you through scooping and all of the other items on our menu!




Here's a few important things you need to know about scooping.

1. Scoop sizes and weights

When you arrive for your shift, it's time to weigh in your scoops! It's important to scoop accurately because over scooping is wasteful and costs a LOT of extra money going down the drain.

  • Single scoop should be anywhere from 3.5 oz. - 4.0 oz.
  • Double scoop should be anywhere from 7 oz. - 8 oz.


2. Scooping for allerigies

Since we carry a lot of flavors that have nuts ingredients, we keep yellow scoopers separate from blue scoopers. 

Yellow = Nuts

Blue = Everything else


Below is a guide for our menu so you can familiarize yourself with the standards of our products!


Single scoop

Single scoops are offered in cups or cones, below you can see an example of each.

(Also offered with a cone on top)


double scoop

Double scoops are also offered in cups or cones, below you can see an example of each.

(Also offered with a cone on top)


triple scoop

Tripple scoops may be offered on a cone, but we usually suggest getting them in a tray because it is more sturdy. See examples below

(Also offered with a cone on top)



Flight is offered in a tray but not on a cone. See example below.


Soft serve

Soft serve is offered in a cup or cone (only one size). See example below.



Sammies are pre-made and pre-wrapped. (See example below of 4 unwrapped and stacked)



Milkshakes are offered with whipped cream included, but not all guests want whipped cream. (Only offered in one size).



Fizzies are only offered in one size, but guests can choose whichever LaCroix / sorbet flavor they would like. See example below.

(Note, we serve them the left over Lacroix can with the fizzie.)



We have a wide variety of sundaes:

  • The Big Spoon
  • The Little Spoon
  • Seasonal Sundaes (Vary with the season)
  • Build your own Sundae

See example below of Big Spoon Sundae and our signature Banana Split!

Photo Sep 14, 1 54 04 PM.jpg

Day two of onsite training you will learn how to scoop and build all of this! However, it is important to familiarize yourself with our menu beforehand!