the stages of guest experience

In this section, we're going to walk you through the ideal guest experience from a guest's perspective.


1. Expect

Guests come to our shops with expectations. Expectations about who we are, what we serve, how we serve them, and the list goes on and on…

It is our job to ensure that we are exceeding their expectations each time they visit our shop. Through these next steps you will see how we can exceed a customer’s expectations.


2. Enter

As they enter, every guest should see smiling excited faces! If you're not busy with a customer, greet them as soon as they walk in with something like, "Welcome!" or "Hey there!". They should should feel the energy in the room. Set the tone by smiling, playing music at an appropriate volume level, and be excited to interact with them!

We also want them to notice some things. We want them to smell the aromas of our shop! Maybe it's fresh waffle cones getting made, delicious brownies & cookies getting baked, or fresh mint, lemon, and fruity ingredients getting infused into our ice cream bases! Whatever it is, get used to hearing, "Wow, it smells so good in here." because it happens a lot.

Next we want them to notice the beautiful shop design. Great natural light, high ceilings, and unique industrial design features.

All the while, some great music is playing throughout the shop. (We have a set Big Spoon playlist that will be playing.)

Lastly, we want them to admire and appreciate the cleanliness of the shop. Floors mopped, counters wiped down, windows clean. A part of great service is a clean, inviting atmosphere.



As the guest makes their way to the counter we want them to be personally engaged with a warm, friendly greeting!

We then have the chance to tell them about new flavors, products, or the story of Big Spoon Creamery. It is important here to gauge the guest's curiosity, don’t overwhelm them if they don’t have many questions.

Once you have engaged them with a greeting and a question, or answered their questions, the guests will sense the patience you have – this isn’t a sprint. They have time to order as they are conversationally engaged about who they are, how they found Big Spoon, etc. Never make a guest feel rushed. Even with a huge line, take time to connect and engage with each guest and make them feel like you're 100% focused on them and their needs.

As they are checking out, make sure they are aware of our Loyalty Rewards system! (You'll learn more about this in a later section.)

Even after checkout, don't forget about our guests as they enjoy our ice cream and hang out in our shop. Always keep an eye out for any needs that may arise with them, whether it be napkins, a dropped cone, looking for the restroom, etc.


We thank them and invite them for stopping by! Tell them "We hope you enjoy!" or "Have a nice day!" Simple acknowledgments go a long way.



As they are leaving the store guest evaluate their experience based on their expectations. They leave the store excited because they just had the best ice cream in their life!

They walk out eager to share their experience, and planning to return again.

Remember, expectations are the way in which a guest evaluates us, so we strive to be exceeding expectations.