Along with working on Front of House or Production, you may occasionally get scheduled to help with events!

Here's a little about the types of events you may get scheduled for:

  • Private events
    • We book a lot of weddings and corporate events. When you work these type of events, it's usually just you by yourself and you will serve sammies that have already been pre-paid for. Pretty simple! No register, just smiling and handing out sammies!


  • Truck events
    • Occasionally we will book private events with the truck, but most often than not we just park the truck at partnering businesses and sell ice cream scoops and sammies from there! If you work one of these shifts, you will meet the truck at it's parked location where everything is already set up. After you're done there, you'll help pack up and drive back to the shop to help put ice cream away and clean up the truck!


Next, we'll walk you through working the cart! 


  • Cart Setup:
    • When you work a cart event, you'll be responsible for loading the cart with ice cream, packing it with dry ice, loading the cart onto the trailer, drive to the event, unload the cart there, serve the sammies and repeat loading the cart onto the trailer and head back to the shop!! (Don't be overwhelmed you'll have lots of team members and shift leaders around to help as you're learning this.)
    • When you arrive for a shift like this, you will receive a paper with all the information you need. Event location, the amount of sammies you are bringing, how many flavors of each and a contact number for someone in charge at the event so that when you are close, you can call them for parking / entering instructions. (You can always ask production to make sure you're brining the right amount of sammies with you!)