Who We are

To really understand what we're all about, you should hear a little history on how we got to where we are. My wife, Geri-Martha, and I both have an extensive background as chefs in some of the best restaurants in the country. In fact, we met working together at Bottega, right here in Birmingham! It all started with a big dream to combine our love for ice cream and our love for people. We wanted to create an ice cream company that cared about making the best possible ice cream, but cared more about loving people and serving them well. And so it began. In July 2014, with $500, lots of hard work and prayers, our dream for Big Spoon became a reality, and we've been growing exponentially ever since! We started with a little old school ice cream trike, and soon expanded to a truck in 2016. After another huge year of growth, we opened our first storefront in Avondale at the MAKEbhm building in April of 2017! After overwhelming support of our Avondale location from the people of Birmingham, we opened our second location in Homewood in February of 2019!


what we do

Big Spoon Creamery is a small batch, artisan ice cream company, and we are seriously passionate about our craft. Our philosophy and approach to ice cream comes from the principles and values we learned through our experiences working in restaurants. Our primary goal is to create a menu focusing on seasonal flavors using local ingredients, as well as bringing a new, innovative approach to the classics. Through relationships with local farmers,artisans, and purveyors, we work tirelessly to curate a menu that highlights the best our region has to offer in any given season. We are constantly pushing ourselves to continue growing, excelling, and providing you with the best possible ice cream and service.


why we do it

Though we do love ice cream, it's not the real reason we do what we do. Big Spoon was built on a love for people and a desire to use our gifts to impact others. Through something as simple as ice cream, our biggest goal is that we can impact our own team, our customers, and ultimately our community.